Commonfund Institute Online

The Commonfund Institute Online learning management system was developed with our educational mandate in mind and for the sole purpose of delivering educational content to fiduciaries of nonprofit organizations and other select institutions. Our continued goal is to produce a robust online learning tool and resource for nonprofit finance staff, boards, investment committees and other long-term investors.

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What You Will Get

  • Complimentary unlimited access to the 6 Ps curriculum for you and your colleagues
  • On-demand and live course offerings with accompanying slide decks
  • Course-specific takeaway materials to enhance your learning experience
  • An opportunity to earn continuing education credits (CPE) for your time (offered through NASBA)
  • Access to a dedicated helpdesk where Commonfund Institute Online staff are waiting to field your questions about the sessions, curriculum, etc. Available M-F 9am-5pm EST.

Commonfund Institute strives to develop a curriculum that is sought after and not available in any other medium. The success of the Commonfund Institute Online platform depends on how well we meet the needs of our users so that they leave with a better understanding of leading through complexity and navigating challenges their institutions face at the staff, board and committee level.

The foundation of Commonfund Institute Online lies in the six core principles of investment stewardship - the 6 Ps - ever-green tenets of fiduciary duty that those serving as long-term investors or in roles at nonprofit institutions should recognize and support.













About Commonfund Institute Online

Commonfund Institute Online is a platform that was developed with our educational mandate in mind and for the sole purpose of delivering educational content to fiduciaries of nonprofit institutions. Investment Stewardship Academy sessions will be the first content to be offered through this new virtual tool. Our intention is to continue to add more in-depth content to the 6 Ps curriculum in order to produce a robust online learning tool and resource for nonprofit finance staff, boards, investment committees and other select long-term investors.  

Designed Specifically for Long-Term Investors and Fiduciaries of Nonprofit Institutions

Program content is developed with you and the challenges your organizations face in mind. The Commonfund Institute Online experience provides the opportunity for multiple people from the same institution to gain knowledge, develop insights and hone the skills to be successful fiduciaries of long-term pools of capital, all while sitting in the comfort of their own home or office.


Who Should Attend

Commonfund Institute Online is designed for fiduciaries of nonprofit institutions and other select long-term investors who want to become a more effective leader, board member, investment committee member or steward as the investment environment continues to evolve and become more complex. Perhaps you are a(n):

  • Senior financial officer who is looking to better one's relationship with the board
  • Board member who is new to the role and looking for education on how to perform at your peak.
  • Investment committee member who is looking for ways to hold more effective meetings
  • Investment staff seeking out ways to integrate ESG or diverse managers into your portfolio
  • Finance staff member looking for more education in order to do your job supporting the endowment better
  • And many more....


Who can participate?

Commonfund Institute Online curriculum is available to most long-term investors and those who hold roles as finance staff, boards of trustees, investment committee members and senior staff of nonprofit organizations and other select institutions.

How do I participate

If you receive an email invitation from Commonfund please follow the steps to register. If you did not receive an email please contact for assistance.

Is there a limit to how many people from my organization can register?

At this time there is no limit to how many people can register for Commonfund Institute Online.

Is there a registration fee?

There is no cost to take advantage of the 6 Ps curriculum offered in 2022.

Will I receive continuing education credits?

We are offering continuing education credits (CPE) for the sessions where indicated. You will receive 1 credit for each 50 minutes of course time.

What do I have to do to receive credits?

If you are applying for CPE credits you must check the box to indicate so when registering.  In addition, you must watch the full video for any course or attend the entire live session when available AND 1.) complete the knowledge checkpoints, 2.) score 70% or better on the qualified assessment in less than 4 attempts, and 3.) fill out and submit the course survey for each course you complete.

When will I receive my credit certificate?

Upon completion of all criteria above you will be able to download your certificate automatically from the Commonfund Institute Online platform.  It will also be available in your "My Settings" page on the platform.

How long will the courses be viewable?

The courses on Commonfund Institute Online will be available until Commonfund Institute determines the content is no longer relevant or the course is refreshed.

How do you decide on the curriculum for the program?

We strive to develop a curriculum that is relevant across most types of nonprofit and other select institutions. Each year we seek to release courses that offer timely and relevant information to the nonprofit sector and the investment management industry. All of the courses we release are done so with the intent to promote best practices in the stewardship of perpetual funds.

To find out more about the six core principles, download our brochure, Principles of Investment Stewardship for Nonprofit Organizations, by filling out this form: